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NETS - Nimble with Number Y5/6 - Course Leaders: Vicki Giffard and Jane Haddock
Monday 20 November 2017, 09:30am - 03:45pm
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Developing fluency in Y5/6: deepening multiplicative thinking to promote efficiency in calculation
This course aims to:
 Discuss the importance of developing a flexible approach to calculation, with an emphasis on strategy choice
 Explore strategies for deepening children’s understanding of multiplicative relationships and how these can support efficient calculation
 Consider how to make more effective use of manipulatives and representations to enable children to visualise the calculation strategies they are using
 Support teachers in making robust assessment judgements in this aspect of the curriculum
Teachers will:
- Have clarified their understanding of the expectations for ‘fluency’ in Y5/6, with an emphasis on multiplicative problems
- Be more informed about research and current good practice in this area, particularly about strategies that can be used to secure key understandings
- Have considered how to assess children’s ‘mastery’ of this key concept, including the importance of ‘reasoning’ about multiplicative problems
- Be able to begin to implement some of the pedagogic approaches in their own classrooms and disseminate these to colleagues
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