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EPIC Psychology and Wellbeing Services is a school led partnership established to meet the needs of local children, families and schools. Our partnership of 51 schools (including South Leicestershire Behaviour Partnership) work closely together to develop a high quality service that best support the needs of our schools. We have an effective working relationship with Leicestershire County Council and deliver a range of wellbeing support and training for schools which includes working with families and staff teams.

EPIC's Missions and Visions

  • To provide an insight about the child’s world to the key adults: EPIC want all school staff to have a depth of understanding about a child’s holistic development from a psychological perspective and a true appreciation of environmental factors so that they can help the child to thrive in all areas of education. .

  • To provide a highly effective psychological service, comprising educational psychologists, assistants, volunteers and admin support, working creatively and flexibly with school communities in order to identify their priorities towards becoming mentally healthy learning environments. Using applied psychology, we adopt proactive/preventative, systemic and targeted approaches, in consultation with schools, to identify and assess areas of emotional health and well-being where educational psychology support can make a positive difference.

  • We aim to build capacity in school communities by helping the members to understand complexity and plan interventions with clarity in order to nurture children’s well-being and learning. To make sure all systems and communications with stakeholders are clear so that the EP service/provision is transparent and schools feel supported.

Further Details

  • Website: www.epicleics.com

  • Email: epicleics.com

  • Call: 0116 3184066

  • EPIC, Fossebrook Primary School, Holmfield Avenue West, LEicester Forest East, Leicester, LE3 3FF


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